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Monitoring mining operations

Change detection - mining
Change detection - mining

Change detection;— open mines is a product dedicated to monitor past or ongoing activity of mining operations. Satellite imagery is used to not only detect open mines, but also size up its area and volumes of moved materials.

Solution: Open mines are detected using AI on high to medium resolution imagery, and super high resolution stereo imagery is used to build digital terrain models and measure volumes. In addition to imagery, service makes use of any customer provided licensing documents and open data to compile an extensive report on mining activities.


  • medium to high resolution imagery, stereo imagery of super high resolution, terrain models;
  • thematic maps showcasing area of operations, legitimacy status, ongoing activities, types of extracted materials, other spatial data, as well as land reclamation activities;
  • extensive report provides insight which includes all of the mentioned thematic layers in an easy to read analytical paper.