Digital Earth - Services

Cloud software solution aimed at providing satellite data analysis to government officials

and companies for improved management and development based on data.

This system comprises of seven services specific to economic sectors and overall provide

twenty-eight thematic products.

Combining traditional data analysis approaches and innovative AI-driven processing enables

production of specific thematic maps in large quantities as well as ready analytic reports.

The end users of these products include government organizations and companies in fields like

·         construction

·         ecology

·         agriculture

·         forestry

·         mining

·         emergencies

·         land management

Digital Earth as a whole is a project set to revamp current remote sensing data and products delivery mechanisms.

The new system takes advantage of modern technological advancements

·         cloud infrastructure

·         data management and computing

·         artificial intelligence

·         thematic applications

·         product delivery pipelines

It comprises of two major blocks: "Coverage" and "Services", which complement each other to provide users with both data and analytics.

This particular web application is a demonstartion of the "Services" subsystem.

Project funded by Roscosmos State Corporation